The battle to release a 12.9″ tablet

The battle to release a 12.9″ tablet


Samsung was the first to release 12.2″ tablet in the form of the Galaxy Note Pro, now the battle is set between Sony and Apple to release their first tablets moving beyond 12 inches as they are eying 12.9″ as the new milestone.

It needs to be said that the 12.9″ Apple tablet is still labelled as a rumored device launch for 2015 while Sony has stated that it will be releasing its’ product in the first half of the year as part of it Xperia range.

From our own experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro we must say that increasing the tablets size with just 0.9 inches might be a tad too much. When comparing the 10.1 Galaxy model to the 12″ version there is a significant increase in weight and in the way you carry and hold the larger device.

With 12.9″ sizes on the horizon one is left wondering whether getting an ultra notebook isn’t a better option considering the fact that it offers additional capabilities in the form of USB inputs, a keyboard and mouse pad. Considering that Sony insiders are putting a $1 000+ price tag on the tablet, the argument that it might be a cost saver flies out of the window.

Personally I wonder whether there was ever really a demand from a consumer side to have anything larger than 10.1 inches of digital display or whether it is driven by corporations trying to grab a stake of a very niche screen size market.