Celebrities as voice and opinion of the consumer

Celebrities as voice and opinion of the consumer

voice and opinion of the consumer

Does the endorsement of product by celebrities truly reflect the voice and opinion of the consumer? Why do you buy a product? What is the main reason that drives you to take your hard earned cash and spent it? Would you go and buy a tennis outfit just because Kim Kardashian wore one in one of her several selfies?

I really hope not. In 2014 there were speculation that she approached BlackBerry to be their next ambassador. BlackBerry indicated that they cannot confirm it but also that they would not be interested. Now we are not sure if this was a personal preference on Kim as an ambassador or if they just decided that they would rather rely on their products to speak for itself. Do we really want Kim Kardashian to be the voice of consumers?

This is however not an opinion about Kim Kardashian or BlackBerry. It is an opinion that we as consumers across every industry should not rely on the endorsement of celebrities to guide us in our purchasing decisions.

Celebrities as consumer voices

In the sporting industry it is a well known fact that most of the income an athlete generates is not from club contracts, but more from endorsements for brands. Even in the music business Britney Spear made headlines for drinking a Coke while her sponsors were Pepsi. Is any brand a celebrity ties him- or herself to better than that of a competitor? I would say no. The one brand just had more cash to spend than the other.

In the rarest of cases I have found that products endorsed were of a quality and purpose to add value to my personal needs. The take away from that statement should be “my personal needs”. Just because i find value in a product does not mean that it would serve the same value to the needs of another. Yet endorsement of products by celebrities does not really care much for those values.

Every mention of a product by a celebrity has been carefully scripted to promote the same message as that of the PR/Marketing campaign.

  • Running in my Nike’s feels like walking on AIR
  • Red Bull gives me wings
  • Gillette gives me a smooth shave

It’s all part of the lingo to get people talking about products. Nobody really thinks about what it actually means. By all accounts you should be flying to the moon if you walked in Nike shoes and drank a Red Bull. You would get there faster if you shaved with Gillette and your smooth face doesn’t provide any wind resistance.

That is why in the modern world I research my products based on the input and opinion of real people who have actually used the product and/or service that I am interested in acquiring. People who have nothing to gain or to loose by sharing their honest opinion. If it is shit, tell me it is shit. If it is good, hey, I want to know why.

If you happen to have made it big because your ex sold your sex tape and you use the same product I found to have value… good for you.