Breaking Bad Telemarketing

Breaking Bad Telemarketing

breaking bad telemarketing

I am not a big fan of telemarketers. I understand the value you get on some calls but the majority of all telemarketer call are just a heap of sales junk. Like breaking bad telemarketing.

Today I had one of those bad experiences.

I was updating my insurance with and decided to get some more quotes in to compare apples with apples. So I went over to to get some comparative quotes. About 30 minutes later one of the telemarketers phoned me to discuss my needs and do a risk profile.

She gave me some prices and I noted that they are all more expensive than Now this is where it got bad.

She asked whether I knew that in the event where something happens to my car over a weekend, MiWay will charge me double my access payment. I told that it just doesn’t sound right. If it was true then surely I would have read about that in my policy. Surely i would have heard more people complain about that.

Her argument to justify her statement was that they deal with thousand of customers a day and they hear about it all the time. So I phoned MiWay just to confirm whether this is indeed the situation. They referred back to the policy and said that it is not stated as per the claim of the Hippo telemarketer and therefor obviously not the case. In fact, they sounded shocked when I told them the story.

For me it isn’t that much of a deal now. I simply wont ever trust any product marketed by any more. Personally I would not want to be associated with them if I was in the insurance business. If the telemarketer cant justify the difference in price without having to resort to bull shit stories that are designed to scare you into switching over, then is it a good product to start with.

If your product is better than that of the competition then surely the extra cost can be justified and should become a sales tool in itself.

It was a simple choice in the end. I am sticking with as my insurance provider. Full Stop.