Is Iris scanning the way forward?

Is Iris scanning the way forward?

Iris scan

Far superior Iris scans will soon be the norm at local banks, airports and even at your local DVD rental. Windows’ Lumia, Nokia and Fujitsu already have iris scanners to unlock their phones.

The iris is the thin, colored ring, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina, much like a camera shutter. The pattern and design of your eyes are exclusive to you; even your two eyes have different iris patterns. This makes Iris scans the most accurate form of biometrics to date.

Iris scanning cameras are effective up to six feet away and has reached a point where it only takes a few seconds to be positively identifying.

Though iris scanning will be very convenient and quick, and is a much more reliable way of identifying people, the security and safety question remains a concern in my mind, especially in one of the most violent and unsafe countries in the world.

What are your thoughts?