Apple patent to stop Piracy

    Patented stamp

    Apple has been awarded a patent in June that aims to shut down Apple cameras and microphones at live performances and motion picture. The aforementioned will aid the music and movie industries in their fight against piracy, but the technology could be used for far more.

    This technology could be utilised by the entertainment industry to disable a camera during concerts by simply sending an infrared signal into the crowd, but feeding data to a phone through infrared can be a huge security risk and is a simple way for a hacker to get into a phone.

    I get what Apple is trying to do and that they have the best intentions in mind, but I do not believe that their customers would be happy with someone else controlling their phones or tablets, not even mentioning the security risks involved.

    Limiting the usability of a devise would be taking a step back in time and will reduce the user experience that we have all come to love and expect from such a prestige brand, this will leave Apple with less than satisfied customers.