Facebook is adding hidden conversations to Messenger

Facebook is adding hidden conversations to Messenger


Facebook has moved into the testing phase of an end-to-end encryption that will enable the secrecy of conversations. Meaning messages will only be visible to participating parties.

This includes a set timer feature that will allow users to put a limitation on the time that a message is visible during a chat. Unfortunately a consumer will not be able to view an encrypted conversation on multiple devises at once. That means no switching between your mobile, tablet and laptop. This feature might only be available as a future update.

The aforementioned comes at a time where consumers are becoming more security conscious about their interactions in a world where privacy is not even extended to the elite.

But don’t worry too much, Facebook is going with a dual approach; enabling users to switch between encrypted and unencrypted messages over the same system.

Are you concerned about ‘big brother’ watching your every move?