Go green with the Voltaic Generator solar laptop bag

Go green with the Voltaic Generator solar laptop bag


This nifty 17” laptop case can charge all of your USB devices with high-efficiency cells and only need an hour in the sun to charge a smartphone. It is fitted with individual pockets to keep your, laptop, tablet and smartphone organised and out of harm’s way.

The fabric is made from recycled soda bottles and is waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant and weighs only 2.1kg, this includes the battery and solar panel. The panel is coated in self-healing urethane to withstand abuse and resist scratches.

Each hour in the sun will provide your laptop with 45 minutes of runtime and fully charged, the generator is able to charge some laptops twice. You don’t have to spend all your time out in the sun, as this bag can be recharged with a wall charger if needed.

The Generator has a built-in laptop charging port and a port that supports 12-18V devices and is also fitted with a USB port to enable a user to charge tablets and other 5V devices.

Go out and live your life without the fear of being left in the dark.