Finally! A Robot butler for every home

Finally! A Robot butler for every home


NXRobo, a Hong Kong-based company has revealed their innovative smart home robot, the Big-I, an electronic butler with a wide range of features, that walks, talks and listens.

This robot boasts the NXRobo operating system, voice programming and has adaptive learning capabilities. The Big-I has the ability to learn time and place commands, learning and adapting to the owners schedule, not to forget unprecedented motion tracking and facial recognition, making it possible for the robot to recognize family members and their routine.

Not only will this robot make daily life easier, it is also a crucial security add on, notifying the owner when strangers are present, recording anything amiss. In case you were concerned about your furniture, The Big-I is covered with soft material to avoid any mishaps.

This almost 12kg and two and a half feet tall butler will not take up much space and considering all its impressive features will be a welcome addition to any home. Unfortunately it is not known when NXRobo’s Big-I will be released; though you can add your email on their website should you want any updates or news.