Is that a rainforest inside a hotel?

Is that a rainforest inside a hotel?


Dubai is known for having the biggest shopping mall and the tallest buildings in the world and from 2018 they can add a hotel with a tropical rainforest inside, to their list of accomplishments.

A tropical oasis will be built in a country that is no stranger to desert conditions. This might be the reason Zas Architects has taken on this unprecedented project, which is no small matter. A 75,000-square-foot rainforest will be built inside the Rosemont hotel and will include trees, plants, a beach, splash pool, stream, exotic creatures and adventure trails, which will give patrons the rare opportunity to explore the beauty of nature day or night.

The magnificent hotel will have 448 rooms and a glass bottom swimming pool 25 stories in the air, offering a delightful and unbelievable view of Dubai.

Will you be visiting this trendsetting hotel on your next trip to Dubai?