Nanofarm is a box that grows crops for you

Nanofarm is a box that grows crops for you


Replantable is a start-up that has developed a glass box that will grow food in your home, called the Nanofarm and it looks to be the next big thing in home farming. This hassle free innovation takes the guesswork out of farming and promises to do all the work for you.

It’s as easy as choosing what you would like to grow and ordering a suitable plant pad from their website. The pads are made out of layers of fabric and paper and also includes seeds and nutrients for your chosen plant. No longer do you need to worry about bacteria or insects, because there is no soil involved in the process.

The only thing left to do is to keep the Nanofarm’s removable tray filled with water and set your growth cycle to the numbers indicated on your plant pad and press start. Your plant will begin to grow in no time, with the harvest lights turning on when it is time to harvest your crop.

You can grow multiple crops simultaneously, by stacking multiple units on top of one another, ensuring fresh food anytime.

This new innovation is set to be released sometime around October next year and we can’t wait to try smart farming out for ourselves.