YouTube to add social network features

YouTube to add social network features


Thanks to a new social timeline roll-out on YouTube people will finally be able to interact with creators in no time. The new feature will allow users to share content like, photos, links, polls, videos and posts with their subscribers.

The feature is called Backstage and YouTube aims to launch it by year end, giving YouTube users the same functionalities as other social networks. This comes after YouTube’s roll-out of its mobile live-streaming, a service that has increased audiences.

Keeping up with social giants like Facebook is no easy task and therefor steps have to be taken to stay relevant in an ever growing market. The social features will be integrated into an individual channel, beside ‘video’ and ‘home’ tabs. Subscribers will receive notifications when content is shared on a specific channel with the ability to comment when the need arises.

YouTube hopes to retain extra creators extending their brands on social networks and motivate more activity. Giving users more options will definitely encourage more engagement and keep this tech giant in the global race.