A new spin on a modern treehouse

A new spin on a modern treehouse


A Vietnamese man with the help of 3 Atelier, an architecture firm, designed a one of a kind home that embraces serenity with amplitude of living trees making it a trendy modern day treehouse. The idea was to design a unique home that will allow the family to connect with their environment, while escaping city life.

The result was an open plan space which allows for ample natural light. An extensive range of traditional and modern materials were used to give this house its cosy feel. Living trees were placed in some of the homes rooms and the plot situated in the kitchen will allow the residents to grow their own vegetables.

The home gives off a peaceful feel and the living trees inside has a calming effect on the occupants. This home is an exotic one of a kind getaway, a private paradise for anyone wanting to escape the rush of city life. We hope that this stunning home will inspire more people to build their own eco-friendly home.

Would you live in a modern treehouse?