Lifepack will keep your gadgets safe and charged

Lifepack will keep your gadgets safe and charged


Lifepack is the perfect tech savvy backpack for people who live on the go. It is a sturdy, weather-resistant backpack with all the smart features you’d expect in today’s market. The backpack is equipped with an antitheft system and a solar panel for its 12,000mAh battery, that will keep all your devises charged and ready to go.

The antitheft system comprises of a retractable 3-digit combination lock and a reinforced cable that will attach to table legs, so your bag won’t be snatched by passers-by. The bag also has a multitude of compartments, hidden pockets and zippers that can be locked to help improve the safety of your gadgets.

The solar panel was cleverly installed on the side of the backpack, so it will be able to charge the battery while you are out and about. The remaining charge can be monitored by pressing the power button. A Bluetooth speaker and headphones have also been added and two USB ports are available for charging, as well as a Micro USB port to ease anytime away from home.

This nifty travel companion is set to ship in October and will be available in-store from November.