Text and video chat simultaneously on Facebook Messenger

Text and video chat simultaneously on Facebook Messenger


Facebook has been working on giving you more options than ever before on its Messaging platform. We have seen in recent weeks that Facebook has put a lot of resources into bettering video options and quality which is why it is no surprise that they have added instant video to Messenger.

Messenger is already equipped with a video calling feature, but their latest add-on allows the user to add quick visuals to complement existing text messages.  The feature is only an icon away for iOS and android users. Simply tap on the new video icon inside your conversation and capture a quick video with your smartphone’s camera that will be shared in the conversation stream.

The recipient can activate the video sound by tapping a speaker icon, and join in the excitement by adding their own videos to the stream. All this and you never have to leave the conversation.

Facebook has risen to the challenge and has satisfied the demand from its users for simple and smart live-streaming and instant video, putting them in the forefront again. Video is the next big thing in social and Facebook hopes to increase the daily activity of its over 1 billion Messenger users with this move.