Read a book without opening the covers

Read a book without opening the covers


MIT has developed a device that can see through paper, enabling you to read without seeing the pages.  The prototype was tested by stacking sheets of paper. The device could read the content of the first nine pages without fault.

The product is still at its infant stages and the hope is that it will be able to read the content of an entire book as development progresses.

Interest in this technology has been shown by the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where the content of some antique books are not accessible due to ageing. MIT’s newest device would be able to scan the books and read back the content without any risk to the books.

The system works by using terahertz radiation, where the end result is achieved by the distinctions between ink and paper. Short bursts of radiation are used to measure differences between pages, letting the device create images of letters seen.

There is still a lot of work and testing required in making this technology viable. The hope is to discover and see new and exciting things that are impossible with current technology.