Fancy a Pizza made by robots?

Fancy a Pizza made by robots?


Silicon Valley has gone even further with technology advances, with a Pizza made entirely by robots. Zume Pizza is the latest trend in the food industry and depends on machines instead of people, with robots that take orders, clean tables and cooks your food.

Co-founder Alex Garden, a former Microsoft manager and president of Zynga Studios told the press that they wanted to eliminate dangerous and boring jobs, freeing people to pursue higher value careers.

People are still employed to prep the dough and to add toppings to your Pizza, but robots are used to spread sauce and placing the masterpiece into an 800 degree oven. When your creation is cooked to perfection, robots remove the Pizza from the oven, slice them and box them for delivery. The aim is to replace humans entirely by teaching robots to mix dough and add toppings.

Julia Collins, Zume’s CEO has assured people that robots and people will work together and that robots will not replace humans in the food industry, yet.

Robots are replacing people at an alarming rate. A good example is Wal-Mart who recently fired 7,000 employees after replacing them with robots.

Do you believe that robots could ever replace human interaction in the service industry?