Alien hunting Chinese telescope is now operational

Alien hunting Chinese telescope is now operational


FAST, a 500 meter aperture spherical telescope became operational on 25 September. The telescope was designed to aid China in the quest for major advances and breakthroughs in science. This is the world’s largest single dish radio telescope and has put china in the lead.

The telescope has 4500 panels which measures 11 meters each in length, forming the gigantic dish. Minute adjustments could be made to the dish thanks to the shape; this in turn will enable them to reflect distant radio signals to a designated focus point for examination, giving China the best chance in the world of locating possible alien life in the universe.

FAST is able to scan twice as much of the universe and is five times more sensitive to frequencies than current radio telescopes. It will be possible to detect signals from billions of light years away and find new galaxies with this new technology.

We can’t wait to hear more about its first scientific breakthrough.