Yahoo users urged to change their passwords

Yahoo users urged to change their passwords


Over half a billion Yahoo accounts have been put at risk because of hacker attacks. Email addresses, names, telephone numbers, passwords and more were hacked in the last week. This means that former and current Yahoo user’s accounts are not safe.

No action has been taken by the hackers as yet, but this does not mean that your information will not be used in future. Action is required immediately or very soon to safeguard your account.

It is suggested that you change your password and security question in the security settings of your account. Look for Account Info in the little gear icon at the upper right corner of the Yahoo screen. Next you should click on Account Security to change your password. Be sure to change your password to one not previously used before.

After doing this, you will need to reset your password on all of your devises if you would like to receive your emails.

Taking these steps should protect your account from future repercussions because of the hack.