Elon Musk wants to save humanity

Elon Musk wants to save humanity


Musk presented his goals for SpaceX’s manned mission to Mars this week. These include colonizing Mars. He plans to accomplish this with three separate vehicles for making the trip to Mars. Musk seems to be focusing on making space travel a reality for everyone.

The transport system will utilize massive boosters  and fiber fuel tanks. Transport ships will be able to carry 100 people at the time, but Musk’s goal is to go bigger.

The crew will be launched into orbit using the Raptor booster, which will return to the launch pad after accomplishing its mission. Tweaks are still needed as it would take up to 100 years of trips to achieve his goal of moving 1 million people to Mars, during the Earths-Mars rendezvous, every 26 months when the two are closest to each other.

The first passenger flights are expected to begin in 10 years and will cost an estimated $200,000 per ticket. Musk has promised an array of entertainment on the ships during the long trips. He hopes to shorten the traveling time by 30 days as time progresses.

Crews will start work as soon as they arrive on Mars. They will be tasked with building self-sustaining colonies, which will be no small task. Mars has ample resources including water, minerals and metal, so there will be no shortage of materials to make Musk’s dream a reality.

It will be interesting to see how Musk’s dream weighs up to reality.