Turn off the ‘last seen’ function in iMessage, Whatsapp and more

Turn off the ‘last seen’ function in iMessage, Whatsapp and more


Instant messaging apps are all around us. Sending an IM is fast and cost effective and instant. Most apps will notify you as soon as a message has been read and when last the recipient was online, but do you really want to share that information?

If you would like your activity private, turning off the ‘last seen’ notification can be a lifesaver.

For Facebook you will need to install an extension to your browser to prevent ‘read’ notifications from being sent. Chrome users can download the Facebook Unseen extension. After installing the extension, you should right-click the unseen icon next to the address bar in Chrome and check the block ‘seen’ feature of the chats.

iOS and iMessage users can stop read receipts on their iPhones by going into ‘Settings’ and tapping ‘Messages’ and switch the ‘Send Read Receipts’ to off. This can also be done through your Mac by simply opening ‘Messages’ and choosing ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Accounts’. Now you only need to switch off the ‘Send Read Receipts’.

On WhatsApp you should tap on the three vertical lines found in the upper-right corner of your app and go into ‘Settings’. Next you should choose ‘Account’, and then ‘Privacy’. All you need to do now is to uncheck the ‘Read receipts’ option at the bottom of the page.

These should give you some peace of mind when you are trying to avoid a certain contact.