This alarm clock factors in traffic before allowing you to snooze

This alarm clock factors in traffic before allowing you to snooze


Bonjour is set to launch next week, and we couldn’t be more excited. This amazing digital alarm clock is like having Google Home and Alexa all in one. It features everything you would expect from a modern alarm clock, from a face that can be read in total darkness, to coaxing you out of a deep sleep.

Smart features include speakers capable of playing your favourite playlist, self-integration with your calendar, and an artificial intelligence assistant. But that’s not all. Bonjour assesses traffic conditions before your alarm goes off, should traffic be backed up, this smart alarm will push your alarm ahead of schedule to wake you up earlier.

On rainy days, Bonjour will let the runners sleep in, after checking the weather conditions. Bonjour is voice controlled and can be switched off without getting out of bed. Your smart devices can be controlled from this nifty clock, for example, switching lights on or changing the temperature before you start your day.

A USB charging port is located at the back of the clock, enabling you to charge your phone without taking up an additional outlet space.

Unfortunately there is no pricing available at present, but all will be revealed when this smart alarm clock launches next week.