WhatsApp video calling is only available for Android users

WhatsApp video calling is only available for Android users


WhatsApp is finally adding video calling to its long list of features and we couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately the new video calling feature is only available on Android devices for now. iOS users shouldn’t worry too much, as work is being done to implement the feature soon.

Android users can get the feature by downloading the beta version of the WhatsApp Android app, this will add the ability to make video calls to contacts who have video calling as well. When your download is complete you will have the option of choosing voice call or video call when hitting the ‘call’ button. We still expect a couple of bugs, as the feature is still in beta.

You can join the beta program in the Google Play Store by tapping on ‘Become a tester’ should you like to test this new feature for yourself.

Video calling was the clear next step for this communication tool to stay relevant in an ever changing market. The new feature has been available for Windows Phone users for some time and Facebook recently rolled out the ability to video call friends and family, making this feature the obvious next extension for users.