Charge your phone on the go with the JikoPower Spark

Charge your phone on the go with the JikoPower Spark


This portable and lightweight thermometric generator converts heat into electricity that is in turn used to power USB devices. Spark will definitely come in handy when camping or away from home. The Spark Kickstarter campaign is also focusing on bringing power to Kenya, an African country known for their electricity problems.

The goal is to provide electricity to rural communities to light homes and devices, in turn saving people from exuberant electrical bills. This nifty device will also be a lifesaver on your next camping trip or power outage. The possibilities are endless.

Spark works via a thermometric chip that converts heat to electricity. More electricity will be created when the temperature on the different sides of the chip are greater. The charger can withstand heat of up to 600 degrees Centigrade. Spark can charge LED lights, cell phones and other small devices making it a nifty gadget to take on your travels.