Find out more about the new Apple MacBook Pro

Find out more about the new Apple MacBook Pro


In an announcement last night Apple revealed the new MacBook Pro. The Pro features a Touch Bar, an OLED multitouch display that has replaced the function keys at the top of the keyboard. The Touch Bar changes based on the software being used, which is a very cool new feature.

Apple also announced that the new MacBook Pro is the most advanced laptop that has ever been made. The 13” model weighs just over 1,3 kg and the 15” MacBook  will weigh you down by just over 1,8 kilograms, making the devices lighter than previous models.

The 15” Pro has AMD’s latest Polaris graphics architecture; even though the hardware targets professionals and not gamers.  Performance is claimed to be up to 3.1 gigabytes per second, which makes Apple’s new addition stand out above the rest.

We hope to get our hands on the new MacBook Pro soon to test all these new features out for ourselves.