Tesla unveils the solar roof

Tesla unveils the solar roof


Tesla in collaboration with SolarCity, unveiled their new solar roof that will be cheaper, better insulated, more durable, all while looking great and transforming a home into a self-sufficient energy hub.

The roof tiles are made from textured glass with integrated solar cells that are transparent to the sun and will be available in Textured Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile, Slate Glass Tile and Smooth Glass Tile. Your roof will look like any other in your neighbourhood when ogled from the ground.

Energy will be stored with some help from the Powerwall 2.0. The unit can store up to 14kWh of energy with a 5kW continuous power draw and a 7kW peak, which will be more than enough electricity to run a standard home.

Tesla aims to curb humanities footprint on the environment with a three-tired system that enables customers to generate their own electricity with a solar roof, store energy with a Powerwall, and zip around town with an electric car. Tesla calls this a zero-emission lifestyle.

Unfortunately you can’t pimp out your house just yet, as both companies will be meeting and voting in November over pricing and availability.