Build your own furniture with 3D printed brackets

Build your own furniture with 3D printed brackets


Homemade is always best, there is little that comes close to the pride felt after finishing your own creation. An added benefit is that making an item custom, ensures that it fits your home and lifestyle.

Two designers from Netherlands, Jesse Kirschner and Jesse Howard came up with a nifty concept that has redefined what we know about furniture. Their innovation is called Standard products and is a new take on furniture for the digital generation, everything based around user customization.

Firstly the wanted product is chosen by the customer. After a choice has been made you need to use a web-based interface to adjust the dimensions of the product. The next step is to select the materials that will be used to build the product and generate the 3D printable components that will hold your creation together.

The aim is to create an online platform where anyone can look at digital designs of furniture and then modify it to their needs. This will also give people the ability to adjust and use whatever materials they have lying around. The hope is that their digital distribution will help cut down on the carbon footprint of furniture.