Samsung issues a recall of exploding washing machines

Samsung issues a recall of exploding washing machines


The South Korean electronics and appliances company, Samsung, has had no shortage of bad luck this year. It has only been a month since the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to explosion and fire hazard, and now Samsung has had to issue a warning for another product.

A Voluntary recall has been issued for its top-loading washing machines after the washers started losing their drum balance from excessive vibration and exploded.

Samsung has stated that they want to reduce any safety risks and provide their customers with simple choices in response to the recall. They are working with the CPSC to ensure that consumers are aware of all the options that are available and that disruption in the home is at a minimum.

Washing machines that are being recalled are Samsung’s top-loading washers that were manufactured between March 2011 and November 2016. Two easy choices are being offered to owners for fixing the problem. A free in home repair can be scheduled, where a technician will bolster the attachment of the washer’s top. A free one year warranty extension will be given to customers who choose this option.

The second option will be purchasing another washing machine of your choosing, with free installation and free removal of the old appliance. Unfortunately this is tied to the manufacture date and model of the washer being recalled, which means, older models won’t fetch as many ‘replacement dollars’. Samsung is offering a complete refund to anyone who purchased a recalled washing machine in the past 30 days.

Samsung has not had the best year, with two recalls already in the works. Let’s hope 2017 will tell a different tale.