Create a time capsule and a will on LegalZoom

Create a time capsule and a will on LegalZoom


In an age where everything is digital, some might not want just anyone poking around in their accounts. A new service named LegalZoom has taken on the tough service of documenting the question of who has access to mobile devices and social media accounts after a person has passed away.

LegalZoom is a podcast-sponsoring company that is now offering an algorithmic legal documentation service. The idea is to reinvent the will by adding much more than worldly possessions. This will allow people to leave behind experiences, memories, and legacies.

The service comes across as a social network for the deceased. There is a journal app that allows the user to annotate photos and videos, with the ability to select who and when these will be passed on to friends and family. Almost like a time capsule that will be available long after you are gone.

Work is currently being done to improve the will-making process; these include a graphical user interface that will ease the process of dividing possessions, and then translate the interface into a legal document that will hold up in count. The will can easily be amended by the user to filter out any mistakes.

The service will launch as an iOS and Android app in the United Kingdom before the end of 2016 and the United States will be soon to follow.