Instant tea without teabags

Instant tea without teabags


A UK based drink maker just announced a new kind of tea which is sprayed into a mug from an aerosol can. The cans are dubbed, NO More Tea Bags, and is a convenient on the go drink to enjoy your favorite cup on tea.

All that is needed is hot water, or if you feel adventurous, you can spray the content into your mouth for a quick hit. No More Tea Bags are available in Earl Grey, Jasmine, and English breakfast in selected shops in the UK.

The tea is brewed by Yum Cha Drinks before being canned with equipment normally used for crafting wine. One can of instant tea would give you about 20 cups of standard strength tea without struggling with soggy teabags.

We love this new twist on a traditional product. What are your feelings towards tea in a can?