Electricity is a thing of the past for Las Vegas streetlights

Electricity is a thing of the past for Las Vegas streetlights


Las Vegas is leading the pack when it comes to green energy with a new clean-energy project that is located downtown. They are harnessing the energy of foot traffic to power streetlights. The city has partnered with EnGoPlanet to achieve their goal of lessening their carbon footprint.

EnGoPlanet is a start-up business that aims to work on a solution that will give the whole world green electricity, starting with Africa. The company has installed four power generating streetlights in the Las Vegas’s Boulder Plaza. The lights are entirely off the grid, they run entirely off kinetic and solar energy.

Power is harnessed from people walking on eight pads built into the sidewalk and solar panels that are mounted on top of the lights. The energy generated is converted into energy by three micro generators below the surface. EnGoPlanet estamates that each footstep will create between four and eight watts of electricity.

Another amazing feature is that the streetlights are also charging stations and a Wi-Fi hotspot, universal USB ports and wireless charging pads are built into the poles. The streetlights in Las Vegas are provided by EnGoPlanet at no cost to the city, with the hope to expand to more cities in time.