India’s cities will be the envy of all thanks to Cisco

India’s cities will be the envy of all thanks to Cisco


Cisco Systems is a networking specialist that wants to connect 100 cities in India with smart technology to send them into the future today. The company has partnered with the Indian government and will start off their ambitions by connecting 14 cities in the country.

The timeline they are working with in achieving their goal of transforming India into a manufacturing and global design hub is no small task. They aim to connect 100 cities in the next five to seven years by improving the telecommunications networks and bringing rural communities online with high-speed internet.

With the help of local government, Cisco has started manufacturing operations and plans to rollout connected devices to take urban centres into the future. Cisco has been a presence in India for more than 20 years and employs more than 11000 people. They hope to help improve the economy, as well as provide connected tools that the government will need to accomplish their plans.

Cisco has in the past connected Hamburg in Germany, where their software and hardware helps local authorities control parking, lighting, traffic and logistics from a centrally controlled network. Yet, connecting over a 100 cities will be a first for this ambitious company.