Luxury apartments in LA will soon be equipped with smart robot butlers

Luxury apartments in LA will soon be equipped with smart robot butlers


Have you ever imagined what the perks would be if you could afford a luxury apartment for $25,000 (R355,495) per month? Should you have that kind of money to burn, your apartment will be equipped with a smart robot butler called Charley.

Charley was created by a California-based robotic company called Sovioke, and is a room service robot, that will order your takeout meals and deliver your mail. These are only a few of the perks you will receive from this advanced little robot.

Its first deployment in a residential building will happen next year. Charley will be servicing the new upmarket Crescent Heights Ten Thousand buildings residents. Residents will be required to summon Charley with an iPad. Orders placed will be delivered to the service desk and then transported to the recipient by a fleet of robots.

This will not be the first hi-tech innovation to join Ten Thousand, as the upscale apartment block is also equipped with a swimming pool with underwater speakers, a fully stocked gym, a dog-wash machine and much more, thus the hefty rent that only the elite can afford.

The robots have been programed to securely deliver items to specific locations and then return to their docking station when the tasks have been completed. They are able to ride elevators, and navigate their way to a pre-set location.