Find out more about Android Pay

Find out more about Android Pay


Paying for items has just gotten easier with Android Pay. You can pay for services and goods by tapping your phone against a compatible point-of-sale terminal with near-field communications, or otherwise known as NFC. The only thing still needed is to authorize the transaction with your fingerprint or PIN.

Android Pay is supported by all four leading banks in the United States. NFC-enabled ATMs are also being installed around the country for convenience. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover is also supported by Android Pay, so you can ‘forget’ or leave your wallet at home without the embarrassment.

The Android payment system was first released in May in the United Kingdom and has only grown since then. The service is also available in Australia, Poland, Singapore and Hong Kong, with Poland being the latest addition. You will soon be able to shop from KFC, Allegro, Starbucks and Uber, to name just a few, with an in-app purchase.

You will need a NFC-enabled smartphone that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat or above to use Android Pay. Security includes a way to shot down devices that have been misplaced, obstructing access to your finances by strangers. Users can shop online without worry as Android Pay does not share account numbers with merchants.

Android Pay is not available in South Africa as yet, but we hope soon.