Meet Tertill, the gardening robot

Meet Tertill, the gardening robot


We have all grown accustomed to the idea of a robot cleaning our houses, but what about our gardens?

Roboticist Joe Jones, the creator of the Scooba floor washer and Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner has the solution. He latest invention, the Tertill, is a solar-powered, weed whacking, waterproof, garden robot.

Tertill was designed with the help of Franklin Robotics. This little gardener will only need attention when it’s time to replace its trimmer strings, the rest of the time it will remove weeks from crop fields of gardens without any help.

The robots trimmer is activated when anything shorter than an inch high is caught under its bumper, in addition to keeping your garden clean, it will also make a noise when small animals approach to keep your plants safe.

You will be able to get your hands on a Tertill sometime in 2017 for around $250.