Casio’s new solar powered watch is the adventurers dream

Casio’s new solar powered watch is the adventurers dream


Casio has a new addition called the Pro Trek; it was built with the adventurer in mind. Features include a high level of durability and rugged good looks, to only name a few. What sets the Pro line apart from the rest is that it will stay charged for weeks with some help from the sun.

The Trek comes equipped with the latest Triple Sensor Engine, this means that the watch can turn into a compass when you need to navigate your way out of a sticky situation, an altimeter for recording altitude, and a barometer to keep tabs on the weather. These features will interest any outdoors adventurer who would like information at their fingertips.

Casio has stated that their Triple Sensor technology is 95% slimmer that before and uses 90% less power when used. Although the sensors are small, they still pack a punch with highly sensitive and accurate readings.

The watch displays time in 29 cities worldwide depending on your location. Included are five daily alarms, a countdown timer and a calendar, with the watches face acting as a solar panel. The Pro can operate for seven months when fully charged or 25 months on power saving mode. Casio’s latest addition can withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees and can be submerged in water for up to 100 meters.

You can purchase your very own Casio Pro Trek here