This emergency backpack could save your life

This emergency backpack could save your life


What would you do if you found yourself in the midst of a devastating natural disaster of if you are stranded somewhere without help? The things that you have on hand could save or cost you your life.

That is exactly why Uncharted Supply Co. came up with The Seventy2, a ready-made survival kit backpack that is filled with everything you could need to see you safely through almost any challenge. The initiative started with research into what would be needed in an emergency and grew from there.

The result of their extensive research and determination was The Seventy2, a grab-and-go backpack that is filled with 30 different tools that will help anyone stuck in an emergency. These include, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and even the zombie apocalypse, should this ever occur.

Survival tools include, water filter, knife, thermal space blanket, natural food bars, goggles, an air filtration mask, a shovel and pickaxe, and a fire starter, to only name a few. Everything is housed inside specially built inserts, keeping everything organized and easy to access. The tools are protected by an integrated exoskeleton inside the bag.

The Seventy2 is a compact and light weight backpack that can be grabbed in a hurry and is made of waterproof and durable fabrics. The bag is airtight and can be used as a flotation device or water carrier when the insert that holds the tools are removed.

The bag should be available from next month for around $330.