Look out for image files you didn’t download!

Look out for image files you didn’t download!


Do not open any graphic or image files that you don’t remember downloading. There is a new ransomware program called Locky which exploiting vulnerabilities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft Office Word and is putting files on your computer that will lock you out of your data when opened.

Previously Locky only infected personal computers and laptops through a malicious macro in Word documents, but have since evolved into ransomware entering your device through social media, particularly, Facebook.

When you click on the image, the file will automatically download without needing permission. This download exploits the human nature by  assuming that most people will click on the downloaded image, which then executes the Locky code which locks up all your files and demands a ransom to have the files unlocked.

The only current way to get access to your files is to pay the ransom and the current ransom amount is $365, but this is subject to change at the hackers’ discretion.

People are advised to not open any files that are automatically downloaded after opening an unknown image and don’t open any unusual extension like, JS, SVG or HTA.