How to make an animated GIF from any YouTube video

How to make an animated GIF from any YouTube video


Thanks to the popularity of memes, GIFs have become more sought-after on the net and it is so easy to make your own animated GIF from your favorite YouTube video.

GIFs are the easiest solution when you’d like to attach a short video to your blog or social post to instantly grab your audience’s attention, and they are preferred more than linking to the video.

Now anyone can be a GIF master not just the tech-savvy people, thanks to YouTube’s on-the-fly GIF creator. Follow these easy steps and become a GIF master in no time:


  1. Visit the YouTube video that you would like to turn into a GIF.When you are on your chosen YouTube page, add gif to the URL, for example…, this will redirect you to with your YouTube video pre-loaded.
  2. Click “X” to remove the promo ad and select the start and end time for your GIF by clicking on the timeline below the image. The blue bar indicates the preferred period. There is no limitation on the duration of your GIF.
  3. Now you can add different effects to your GIF, like stickers, captions and more. When you are happy with your GIF, click ‘Create gif’ to start the automated process. The creation time may vary depending on the size of your GIF.
  4. All that is left to do is to select where you would like your GIF to link to. You will be able to download, embed or share your creation when all is done.

Let your creativity go wild and enjoy this awesome new feature.