Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours


Samsung will have to pull out all the stops in 2017 if they would like to repair their reputation after some of their most sought after devices and appliances started exploding this year.

The company made a recent announcement that they will be acquiring Harman International for 8 billion dollars, this move will also give them access to Harman’s well known and respected audio brand and connected car tech, which could mean that the new Galaxy S8 will include stereo speakers with Harman branding.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released next year and we have compiled some of the rumours and news leaks that have been circulating on the net.

Samsung has improved the camera capabilities with every new Galaxy and it is believed that the Galaxy S8 will be no different, with Samsung going a step further with this model. The phone would most likely feature an autofocus selfie camera and the actuator will recognize people at different distances for optimal group shots. It is rumoured that the device will feature a dual 12MP = 13MP rear camera and will include an iris scanner.

More rumours suggest that the Galaxy S8 will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, which will result in more power and less energy use. There has also been a lot of speculation that the phone will be optimal for 4K and VR experiences.

This much anticipated device would most probably include 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. The display has been said to be 90 percent of the front of the phone, which will be available in 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches. Samsung could also be removing the home button on the Galaxy S8 and replacing it with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that will be mounted underneath the panel.

The Korea Herald reported that Samsung is in talks with LG Chem to manufacture the cells which will be used to power the phone, a safer move after the their last device had a tendency of exploding. The S8 will also adopt the USB Type-C reversible charging port for quicker data transfers and faster charging.

More rumours suggest that Samsung is taking a page from Apple by doing away with the standard headphone jack. It is almost certain that the new Galaxy will be installed with Android 7.0 Nougat and the phone would get its own virtual assistant called Bixby.

Speculations suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will only be released in April 2017.