Avoid paying to decrypt your files by spreading ransomware

Avoid paying to decrypt your files by spreading ransomware


Popcorn time is a new form of ransomware that offers affected users a chance to avoid paying to unlock their files by infecting two other people. Ransomware is not a new concept and has been a growing issue in recent years, but using infected users to spread it further is rare.

The ransomware locks an infected user’s files and you will have to pay a ransom amount to get access back. Popcorn time works differently by offering those that are infected another way to get your files back. You will need to send a link to the ransomware to two unsuspecting people which will in turn infect their files. They will need to pay up to decrypt their content, where you will be free and clear of ransomware.

Not only is it immoral to send ransomware to friends and family to get out of paying for your mistake, it is also illegal. Distributing malware wilfully is in breach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, so you could be opening up a can of worms you should have left closed.