Save space and energy with Airwheel’s folding, electric bike

Save space and energy with Airwheel’s folding, electric bike


Even though it is healthier and better for the environment to commute by bicycle, it is not always easy to find a spot to lock up your bicycle. Airwheel has decided to make life a bit easier for cyclers by creating a bike that can be folded up and taken anywhere.

Not only does Airwheel’s R5 fold up for convenience, but it will save you much needed time and energy while commuting. The R5 is an electric smart bike and is one of the most forward-thinking tech bikes available.

You can choose between three modes, traditional, power assist and electricity assist. Traditional will allow you to pedal normally where electricity assist will activate the motors full power. A recharge will be required after roughly 60 miles. The bicycles removable battery features a USB port for charging tablets or phones on the go, and a full battery will allow up to 70 full charges.

Unfortunately this modern-day marvel is not on the market yet, but you can contact Airwheel’s online support to request a sample bike for $400