Brace the cold with this battery operated heated jacket

Brace the cold with this battery operated heated jacket


The smart craze has proven itself in the clothing industry with efficient, effective and viable for use in demanding outdoor activities. They are powered by USB battery packs, and include integrated heating elements that come in handy in harsh weather conditions.

The Heacket is the latest jacket to claim that it is the world’s most durable heated jacket. It is made out of thin and lightweight fabrics and was designed to perform like a traditional jacket. The jacket is both waterproof and wind resistant which sets it apart from the competition. This is the perfect addition to your closet if you’d like to take on the winter elements.

The three heating elements will start to work within three seconds of activation and comes with four different warmth settings, ranging from 25 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, depending on your individual needs.

The advantage is that you would need fewer layers to stay warm and snow enthusiasts could move with more ease and the battery pack lasts up to six hours before a recharge is needed.

Shipping is set to start in February 2017. The retail price should be around $249, which is a great price for this product.