How to reduce data usage on Android devices

How to reduce data usage on Android devices


You could be finding yourself with a huge data bill at the end of the month without knowing how you accumulated the usage and with the cost of data soaring it might be a good idea to try this simple trick.

If you would like to curb these recurring costs we would suggest that you turn off autoplay videos in your social media feeds.

Turn off twitter autoplay for Android by launching Twitter and then tapping on your profile picture. Go to ‘settings’ and select ‘data’ and choose ‘video autoplay’. Here you are able to choose ‘never play videos automatically’.

Disabling autoplay on Facebook is just as easy. Firstly you should tap on the three horizontal lines in the right top corner when the app is launched and select ‘autoplay’. All that is left now is to choose ‘never autoplay videos’.

These easy steps should reduce your data usage in future and save much needed cash.