Twitter is killing its ‘buy’ button

Twitter is killing its ‘buy’ button


Twitter is finally ditching its unused ‘buy’ button. The company will be shutting down its sales channel and all eCommerce partnerships on the 1st of February. This comes after the feature failed to gain traction in an ever growing market.

The sales channel was rolled out in September 2014 and was established to help businesses drive sales by adding a ‘buy’ button to their tweets. Unfortunately the feature never gained traction and therefor faded out as soon as it was implemented.

Twitter’s eCommerce team was disbanded in 2016 after the company lost interest in the failing feature. The company will still retain its ‘donate’ feature that allows Twitter users to give donations to charities and non-profit organisations.

The company has been struggling for years and has decided to shift focus to customer relation offerings for businesses after nine percent of their staff had to be laid off last year due to their decline in revenue.

Only time will tell if the failing 140-character company can get back on top.