Star Trek Discovery won’t premier in May

Star Trek Discovery won’t premier in May


Star Trek Discovery was first announced with a release date of January 2017, which was moved this month to May 2017, but unfortunately it seems that the sci-fi series must have hit a few obstacles as the Hollywood Reporter just reported that the show will be delayed even longer.

Production of the much anticipated Star Trek Discovery will start next week. CBS have reported that they will be flexible on the launch date if it is in the best interest of the show, unfortunately this will not suit fans that have set their clocks in anticipation of the long awaited Star Trek series.

Star Trek Discovery will feature a whole new version of the Enterprise and will be called U.S.S. Discovery. Even though the new show will feature a new ship, the show will still have the same mission statement as previous shows which include, seeking out new life, exploring strange new worlds and new civilizations.

We hope that the show won’t be delayed for too long.