Self-repairing teeth could become a reality

Self-repairing teeth could become a reality


Even though dentistry has come a long way, teeth are still being repaired with metal or plastic fillings. This has been the norm to fix holes in damaged teeth for many years and seems to do the trick, but unfortunately this is not a permanent fix, as fillings can fall out or chip, putting you right back where you started.

Researchers from King’s College, London has been working on a way to cut out artificial fillings for good. According to a resent publication in the Science Reports, King’s College claims to have developed a method for stimulating the renewal of living stem cells in teeth. Regeneration is achieved using a drug that was developed for Alzheimer’s.

Your teeth can repair small amounts of dental damage such as tiny cracks or fissures by activating the tooth contact stem cells, which makes new dentine which replaces the damaged area. Unfortunately this will not help when a tooth is badly damaged and you will have to visit a dentist office as soon as possible.

Researchers have been working on a way to enhance the natural process by over stimulating the stem cells. This results in a more aggressive repair that is able to fill bigger holes in damaged teeth through a natural repair that will maintain tooth structure.

Clinical trials are set for next year, but unfortunately there is no timeline on when this amazing product will be made available to the public.