Lego Life is a child-friendly social network

Lego Life is a child-friendly social network


Lego Life is a social network that was made for children between the ages of 7 and 12 and it is safe and easy to use. Unlike other social network there is no adult content or abuse allowed so you know your child will be protected from cyber-bullying and things they shouldn’t be seeing.

The social network will launch on Tuesday and will be available for free for iOS and Android devices. Children will be able to create Lego avatars with outfits and hair that mirror their individual personalities. Users will be able to post videos and images of their Lego creations, which can in turn be ‘liked’ by friends by tapping a heart icon. The more you post, the more accessories are unlocked for your avatar.

Much like other networks, children will be able to follow topics of interest which will be featured in their news feed; this includes highlighted works from Lego expert builders. They can also join small groups dedicated to content like, Lego characters, cars, buildings and animals.

Accounts have to be confirmed by a parent and all content goes through rigorous screening that deletes any inappropriate content. Lego has gone to great lengths to insure the safety of children in a playful interactive environment which encourages them to be more creative.