Meet all your travel needs with The Adjustable Bag

Meet all your travel needs with The Adjustable Bag


There’s just never enough space for all the essentials when going on a trip. Carrying the right bag on your travels can make all the difference. The Adjustable Bag, was designed to accommodate any traveling requirements, no matter how big or small.

The Adjustable Bag can expand and contract; this makes it the world’s most versatile traveling bag. TAB for short, can expand from 31 liters to 46.5 liters capacity, and 62 liters should you need a bit more. All this weighs less than half a kilogram and can be easily packed away when you’ve reached your destination.

The Adjustable Bag relies on an integrated cinch system that is located on both ends, the bag compress to its smallest size when the cables are pulled. To expand the bag, you simply pull on one of the release cords, and all that is required to reach the full size of the bag is to release the other cord.

These features make the TAB a one bag wonder that can be used daily for smaller chores or for bigger events like a weekend away, much like three bags in one. The TAB is also water-resistant and durable, for more rugged outdoor adventures.

The TAB will likely start shipping in June and could be yours for around $139