Senstone wearable translates voice to text on the move

Senstone wearable translates voice to text on the move


Senstone is a piece of note-taking jewelry that can be worn all day. This little device combines function and form to help you remember everything that is noteworthy, and can be worn on your neck, wrist or clipped to an item of clothing.

Step into the 21st century with a Senstone pendant that is able to record voice memos and translate them into text, much like a hands-free notepad, because pen and paper is so last year. Senstone will help you remember every inspirational moment or event that will slip your mind in time.

To record a message, you need to press the front screen.  Your message will be transcribed into text via a Bluetooth-connected iOS app, which can be viewed at a later date. Transcribing of voice to text can take a couple of minutes and will be sent to your phone when it is in range.

You will also be able to edit translated text should you wish to change a thought or playback the voice recording which is saved to your device. A helpful feature is that you can organize notes using hashtags, which makes your notes easily searchable via the hashtag in the app.

The battery will last up to four days, depending on the amount of recordings being made. Senstone can be easily recharged on a wireless charging dock and you are able to integrate Senstone with your existing note-taking app.

There are already many apps that transcribe voice to text, so it will have to be seen if people will be willing to pay $145 for this device when it goes to market in June.