A solar-powered lantern that’s ideal for any camping trip

A solar-powered lantern that’s ideal for any camping trip


LuminAID’s main objective is to provide durable and affordable lights for outdoor use. One of their best known creations is their line of inflatable lanterns, which is mostly used in disaster zones and developing countries.

The company’s founders wanted to offer earthquake victims a source of light. Their idea turned into the inflatable lanterns which turned the start-up company into a successful business with their products being used in over 70 countries.

LuminAID’s next big idea is an affordable solar-powered lantern with a built in smartphone charger, the PackLite Max Phone Charger. Much like previous products, the PackLite Max is an inflatable lantern that puts out up to 150 lumens of light with a built in solar panel for charging. The lantern weighs only 0,24 kilograms and is completely waterproof.

What sets the Packlite Max apart from its predecessors is that it has a 2,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery can power the light up to 150 hours and charge tablet, smartphone or other small devices. This makes the Packlite Max a game changer for victims of natural disasters or for people in developing countries.